For some reason I always feel like I’m in really bad standings with a lot of people, besides a few good friends. Maybe it’s because I don’t talk to people as much as I should or I just don’t know them as well as I’d like. I haven’t been so self conscious in a long time. 

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This is such a good album.

Title: The Darker Days Of Me And Him Artist: PJ Harvey 349 plays


PJ Harvey | The Darker Days of Me and Him



David Lynch, Blue Velvet.

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Courtenay McKay created a series of posters for the Gender Based Violence Prevention Project (GBVPP) at the University of Alberta to spread awareness about rape culture.

The Gender Based Violence Prevention Project is a new project of the Students’ Union that promotes a campus free of gender based violence. Gender Based Violence exists in both visible and invisible ways on our campus and affects the lives of many University students, staff, faculty, and community members. Through education, awareness, and institutional change, we are striving to create a campus free of gender based violence where everyone can feel safe and supported.”

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  Giorgio Cecchinato

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Ushiko, a longtime Ghibli resident. 

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militant sissy


Crass & Flux of Pink Indians.

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Ugggggggggh sampling drums is so hard. I wish I had a decent drum machine like a roland or something so I could just make my own beats instead of always having to sample from something.

Small soldiers was awesome. Commando Elite for life.

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Shellac - My Black Ass